Sibutros (Sibutramine 15 mg)

Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Price: 50 EUR


Sibutros (sibutramine) can be a good assistant to the athlete, whose task becomes getting rid of excess body fat. This drug has no effect on lipolysis directly, the essence of his work is to suppress appetite. Sibutramine affects food intake control center as a result of the athlete to easily control the amount of food consumed over a long period, as the diet has a beneficial effect. Side effects occur infrequently and Sibutrosa themselves are insignificant. These are: an increase in the heart rate 3-20 beats / min, high blood pressure 2-20 mm. Hg. Art. When receiving adequate doses, the drug is considered absolutely safe for human health.


How to take Sibutros 15 should once daily without regard to meals. A single dose of 10 mg if that is not enough, the dosage can be increased to 15 mg in a week after administration. A large dose is impractical. By the way, it is receiving high doses leads to all sorts of complications and side effects.


Sibutrosa course lasts throughout the diet. Standard take medication for a period of 6 to 12 months, but when the drug is taken athlete course of a diet is reduced to time (usually 2-3 months).


Reviews Sibutros 15 side effects

Athletes who use sibutramine during the "drying" are satisfied with his work and leave positive feedback on Sibutros 15. There are significant appetite suppression, which is why low-carb diet becomes very easy psychologically, accelerating metabolism, and of course, a significant acceleration of the process of fat burning.


Negative reviews about Sibutrose usually come from people who exceed the recommended dose (10-15 mg). In this case, there is an increase in blood pressure, heart palpitations. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, and you definitely will be satisfied with the work of the drug.