Sibutramin (Reductil)

Sibutramin (Reductil)

Sibutramin (Reductil)

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Sibutramin (Reductil)

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Today, in front of many people is the problem of overweight . And often used for weight reduction sibutramine. You should know that this drug has a selective effect on norepinephrine and serotonin, in medicine is used as an effective means of weight loss.


Company-developer sibutramine - Abbott Laboratories. In the US, the drug is controlled by means of the list, with many hospitals that specialize in treating people who are overweight, work with customers using email. This means that you can quite legally probresti this tool.


Sibutramin Reviewe online

The product is not advertised as a means of rapid weight loss. Those who are going to buy sibutramine Ukraine, should know that this drug is a safe and slow weight loss, which should be taken for a long time.


Action sibutramine based on two principles:


decreased appetite (according to research, people take the drug, to reduce the number of calories consumed on average by 1300);

the active ingredient of the drug helps stimulate metabolism and burn fat.

Dosage 10 mg metabolism increases to 30%, the duration of about 6 hours. Effect of the drug based on the effects on the beta-3 receptors. The use of sibutramine and cellulose improves the average body temperature by 0.5-1 degrees. At the same time, this phenomenon is a sign that thermogenesis occurs exactly as it should.


Possible side effects:


Of course, drugs are effective, but taking it contributes to some side effects. Most often it is hypertension, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, pain, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia. You should know that most of the side effects resolve spontaneously as soon as the body starts to get used to the drug.


In cases of severe side effects, it is recommended to stop taking. Among these fainting, tremor, anxiety, depression, pain in the chest and the eyes, shortness of breath.


Sibutramin (Reductil): admission rules, dosage.


Sibutramin without prescription buy today is not a problem. It is necessary only to determine the required dosage of 5 mg, 10 mg or 15 mg of active ingredient per capsule. It is advisable to start taking 10 mg per day. If the desired effect does not occur, the dosage should be increased. Most often take 10-20 mg daily.


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