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Stanozolol is an active substance of such oral drugs as Rexobol, Strombafort, Stanozololol, Stanos and Stanabol. This substance has a very high anabolic (320% of testosterone) and a low androgenic activity. Stanozolol is a production of the dihydrotestosterone. It has a high bioavailability and is very stable, because it does not collapse while going through the liver. Men, who need to use Stanozolol, buy it usually online, and so do women, as Stanozolol is one of the safest drugs for women because of its low androgenic activity, but the virilization and masculinization is still possible in certain cases. This substance does not convert into the estrogen so it is safe for men as well.

Is Stanozolol popular among sportsmen?

A lot of people in Europe as well as all over the world order Stanozolol regularly, so we may conclude that Stanozolol is very popular among athletes who participate in various contests. This drug gives incredible results in making the body look great. Due to this drug bodybuilders almost do not affect the body mass, but make it really muscular, veins are viewed perfect, also Stanozolol burns the fat greatly. Also this drug increases the power and the endurance that helps the athlete in the gym while training. Stanozolol reduces the fluid from the organism, witch is very important for athletes too.

Side effects of Stanozolol

If you are eager to buy Stanozolol, please read the important information about the possible negative side effects that may take place sometimes, in certain cases. This drug causes such side effects as toxicity for the liver, pains in joints, the hypertrophy of the myocardium, the rise of the blood pressure, the increasing of the cholesterol. Also Stanozolol can cause such androgenic side effects as the acne, the hair loss and the suppression of the own testosterone. To prevent or to fix these side effects you need to take a special medicine. Consult with your doctor or sport expert to find out names of drugs that would be useful to prevent these side effects from happening or to treat them if you have already received them.

The course of Stanozolol

The normal dosage for bodybuilders is from 30 to 50 mg a day usually. The normal duration of the whole course usually lasts from one month to a month and a half depending on certain things that need to be discussed with your doctor and with the coach. If you will make your course longer, the risk of side effects will rise, so please keep in mind this information and do not try to exceed the period of about six weeks of taking in Stanozolol. In two to three weeks after the end of the course you need to go through the ACT (the after course therapy) for your body to relax and regenerate. This is also important for your health so be sure not to ignore this rule when you buy Stanozolol and start using it.

Reviews about Stanozolol

Experienced athletes say, that it is great drug for the muscle building. But they recommend taking it in a course with Testosterone to low the risk of side effects and to protect joints of the water loss. The rest of the reviews from people who tried using Stanozolol are rather positive, so you should not hesitate and can start using this drug today.

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