What you need to know before you order Oxandrolon

Oxandrolon is a "soft" anabolic drug that has an androgenic index of 25%. 
Action of Oxandrolon was aimed first to increase the power performance of the athlete. The valuable product quality is the capacity to activate the synthesis of the muscle fibers. It gives a significant increase in strength without any significant increase in the muscle mass itself. 

Athletes of lighter weight categories appreciated Oxandrolon in tablets and women also did. This is because it is one of the safest anabolic steroid with a low incidence of adverse reactions. The manufacturer of this great drug is Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova). 

The effects of Oxandrolon:
- it increases the muscle relief and firmness;
- it increases the endurance and power rates greatly;
- it burns the body fat actively;
- it increases the level of the hormone growth. 

Dosages and prescriptions of Oxandrolon – buy online

Concentration of the active ingredient in Oxandrolon is 10 mg per tab. Oxandrolon Balkans is a 17-alpha drug that gives the opportunity to be used without a scare of the destruction of the liver. The toxic effect is low. The research showed that people who buy Oxandrolon deal with a daily dosage of 20 mg during 12 weeks and such dosage does not reach the level of enzymes that are indicators of the liver damage. 

Oxandrolon Course

If your goal is the improvement of the muscle relief Oxandrolon "solo" is the ultimate choice. The course of Oxandrolon (order it online) provides only a high quality relief. In this case the recommended duration of the course will be 5-8 weeks with daily doses of 50-150 mg for men. The inclusion in the course of preparations or anti-estrogens (such as Tamoxifen or Proviron) is not required because Oxandrolon does not aromatize in moderate doses and does not have a pronounced effect on secretion of the endogenous testosterone. 

Oxandrolon and possible side effects

You must remember that if you want to have the fast growth of the muscle mass you need to combine Oxandrolon with other steroids. The best anabolic steroids for combination with are Primobolan, Testosterone and Sustanon. To cut the risk of gynecomastia the joint course with testosterone esters needs Proviron or Tamoxifen to be included. Further Proviron® reduces the binding of globulin sex hormones (SHBG) thereby to increase the rate of your result. 

Buy Oxandrolon online

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