Testosterone Enanthate 10 ampul per box

Testosterone Enanthate 10 ampul per box

Testosterone Enanthate by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

Manufacturer: ZPHC

Price: 44 EUR

Testosterone Enanthate 10 ampul per box

The main characteristics of Testosterone Enanthate – order online see the effect

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the leaders among steroids all over Europe. This drug significantly increases the weight and the strength of a sportsman. This ether is a favorite steroid of bodybuilders for a good fat-burning effect. The muscle mass after using Testosterone Enanthate looks drier which is a significant plus as well for those bodybuilders who need to achieve such effect.

Testosterone Enanthate Course

If you would like to feel the power of Testosterone Enanthate, buy it online at our steroids shop. The course is suitable for men who have already reached the age or 21. Please note, that Testosterone Enanthate is originally not supposed to be used by people under that age. Starting from the second week you should also include Proviron to the course to avoid the side effects of estrogen. After completing the course, Proviron, Anastrozole or Ttamoxifen should replace Testosterone Enanthate in order to restore the secretion of the endogenous hormone – this is really important so keep that in mind. The use of anti-estrogens allows you to get the best results, keep up the weight and to avoid unpleasant side effects.

Dosages of Testosterone Enanthate

A beginner should start with a dose of 250 mg per week and do not exceed it. It is enough to achieve enviable results. Dosages for more experienced athletes make may assume 500-750 mg/week. This mode allows you to receive a huge increase in both mass and strength very quickly. But please be cautious and make sure to use Testosterone Enanthate in such a way that you avoid any negative side effects.

Side effects

The main problem of Testosterone Enanthate is the water retention. In high dosages without the use of anti-estrogens, the feminization (gynecomastia), swelling and other disasters can start to develop. You can use such antiestrogens as Proviron or Anastrozole. They work well in such a situation and could help you a lot.

Reviews of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is an integral part of courses on increasing the muscles. It is a great drug for drying the muscles and gives great results in increasing the strength, endurance, etc. Athletes also note the very high capacity of the drug to restore the body after strenuous exercises, high-intensity workouts.

Buy Testosterone Enanthate. The price of the drug

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