Testo P (Testosterone Propionate)

Testo P (Testosterone Propionate)

Testo P - Testosterone Propionate Steroids

Manufacturer: Spectrum-Pharm

Price: 30 EUR

Testo P (Testosterone Propionate)

Description and review of the drug Testo P (testosterone propionate) 100mg


Another representative of the Moldovan production, which is known to many athletes in Europe and abobe. Testosterone Propionate excellent properties is that it virtually does not retain water in the body. It's quite positive and very important effect for many athletes. But some still believe that its positive properties on this end, because who has the most muscle mass is practically not possible. This has its advantages, which lie in the fact that the indications for use Testosterone Propionate is in period of preparation. It includes testosterone, which allows the body to recover faster after considerable physical exertion. And all because testosterone helps produce creatine.


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Testosterone propionate is an injectable steroid, upon receipt of which the athlete the following effect: the burning of fat cells, muscle growth, muscle strengthening relief, weight gain, power performance and stamina, increased libido.


Unlike other anabolic drugs, testosterone propionate has a short term effect and the ability to retain water at the minimum level. Thanks to these features most often used by athletes during drying, allowing growth to achieve higher quality, or, as they say, "dry" muscles.


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Testosterone propionate starts to operate after the first injection, and the time of drug absorption into the blood stream is as short as the period of its removal from the body. In this regard, to achieve maximum effect men recommended daily intake of testosterone propionate in a dosage of 50-100 mg. To strengthen the action of testosterone propionate can be by combining it with the use of other steroids such as stanozolol, methandienone, Parabolan, oxandrolone.


Women can also take course of testosterone propionate at a dose of 30-50 mg, however, avoid the side-effects of accumulation of androgens, interval between injections must not be less than 5-8 days. The course of testosterone propionate for women should not take more than 8 weeks.


Contraindications to testosterone propionate injections indicated in the instructions as follows: drug idiosyncrasy, the increased concentration of calcium in the blood plasma, the liver or kidneys. Based on the numerous reviews of athletes, we can say that testosterone propionate is virtually no negative side effects, and belongs to the category of "soft" drugs.