Testo C (Testosterone Cypionate)

Testo C (Testosterone Cypionate)

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Testo C (Testosterone Cypionate)

Testo C - a powerful steroid, is regularly used by athletes in Europe in mass-gaining courses and in general for the development of physical attack form. He has a pronounced and androgenic and anabolic activity, coupled with a prolonged effect, which ensures a high popularity.

This drug can in theory be effectively used not only for sports problems, but also in medical practice as a medicament. Similar injections that incluedes testosterone have long been assigned to the medicine in the treatment of diverse diseases of hormone replacement therapy in men before treatment of ovarian cancer in women (under 60 years).

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Should i buy Testosterone cypionate from the Balkans Pharma? Review.

The active ingredient of the drug injecting him the title has the same name and is considered one of the most popular and a favorite of testosterone in the United States and the West in general. Its prevalence in Europe and the CIS is not so high. Our market is dominated by products based on testosterone enanthate. Although the comparison becomes obvious that these steroids are very similar or even interchangeable on the course. The differences between them are, however, are not dramatic.


Giving a detailed description of the drug Testosterone cypionate fromin the first place it should be noted that he and his counterparts from the active substance testosterone enanthate, is an excellent choice for a set of muscle mass. He is characterized by high anabolic and androgenic activity, identical add-on from endogenous testosterone. But, in contrast to the pure hormone, a steroid can boast a longer time period for the activity of the substance after the injection - about 15 days.


Side effecrs or what is the true price of Testo C?

Subject to the main recommendations of the Testosterone cypionate can provide a pronounced effect, is the growing power performance, increase performance and endurance, faster and bigger muscle building, improving overall tone and increase libido. Also during the course can be seen the following improvements: an increase in appetite, Pumping effect, improvement of joints and ligaments, bone strengthening, improved nitrogen balance, and others.


Testosterone Cypionate, and according to the reviews of the practice - is a broad-spectrum drug. He is an excellent Raman medium for sporting purposes and is suitable for use in a variety of sports, from bodybuilding to martial arts or hockey. Fact: testosterones go perfectly with almost any other steroid, providing a more profound effects, so often become the main component of the combined courses.


Testo С: the use and combination of the course

The effective dosage of the steroid is about 250-750 mg in a week full of practicing athletes perform injections on average 1-2 times a week. Higher doses are generally not required if we are not talking about professional athletes, for whom such amounts are insufficient to improve the current phys. form.

Dosage Testo С against substance / the amount of the drug is easily calculated. It is convenient concentration of active ingredient (200 mg per 1 ml in an ampoule), which simplifies the process. It turns out that you need 1.25 ml of the drug at a dose of 250 mg or, for example, 2.5 mL for a weekly dose of 500 mg.


Testosterone cypionate: Possible side effects

The strong androgenic effect and susceptibility to the accumulation of water in the body cause side effects Testosterone cypionate: there may be high blood pressure, a rash on the body, increased aggressiveness, sexual overstimulation, hair growth on the body and face, gynecomastia, alopecia.