Primobol (Methenolone Enanthate)

Primobol (Methenolone Enanthate)

Primobol - Methenolone Enanthate

Manufacturer: Spectrum-Pharm

Price: 75 EUR

Primobol (Methenolone Enanthate)

As the experienced athletes sad Primobol injectable somewhat lower when compared to the cost of the anabolic agent in tablet form. This explains the fact that many athletes prefer to receive the injectable form of Primobol. However, despite this comparison in favor of the AAS injections, and still not every athlet could afford to buy Pribomol. Our online store, understanding the importance and use of steroids, and sells it at an attractive price, because we are working directly with the manufacturer.


Our online shop specializes in selling only quality steroid funds deliver that official distributors in Europe. The absence and all kinds of trade margins is due to the fact that the product reaches the consumer directly, without going through a lot of "temporary transshipment offices", the owners of which do not miss an opportunity to weld on traded goods. Those athletes who already have experience of working with us know that by contacting our shop, they will certainly save money.


Primobol: characteristic longitudinal profile.


Primobol is a real one, in the classic sense of the word, a steroid drug, stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. In addition, as evidenced by Primobol reviews, took steroids, marked a surge of strength. In addition, he almost unspoken phenomenon rollback. If we consider the preparation in detail, one may conclude that it has almost no difference when compared with some other steroids. Just noticeable exception is its toxicity.


Please be aware that Primobol distinguishes long half-life, which means that it needs to take, making significant breaks. The active agent is slowly absorbed from the muscle into the blood, which in fact explains the mechanism of action. Thats why you shold ask your doctor before add Primobol to your course.


Primobol has an ordinary chemical structure and anabolic activity on it loses most of the available anabolic steroids. Certainly, it is a bad measure, which can not be ignored.


Primobol: Side effects

The drug is not converted into estrogen, has no negative effect on the liver, and among professionals is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids. If properly approach the preparation of the Primobol-solo course, then you wiil have absolutely no problems with the reception. One thing, that you need to know - the solo course is excellent for “drying”.


This steroid does not accumulate fluid, so build muscle tissue is slower, but it is of excellent quality. Mild anabolic effect does not benefit at massonabornom course, so it is advisable to use Primobolan when drying is required - for

  • strengthen muscles

  • increase vascularity

  • giving the muscles filled kind.


It is important to know that none of the existing steroid is different above mentioned advantages, without causing side effects. Therefore, if the athlete chooses safe and at the same time a high quality drug can be no doubt, this is - Primobol.


Primobol: combined course

Considering Just noticeable anabolic effect, experienced athletes receiving recommendftions to combining Primobol with testosterone, nandrolone, Sustanon. These funds are a relatively high anabolic activity, accelerate recruitment of muscle tissue. Primobolan presence on the course will help reduce the risk of side , and contribute to a set of quality mass. It is important to know that using the combined courses, the dosage of Primobolan advisable to slightly reduce, and after taking the drugs, it is recommended after a course of therapy.


Primobol: reviews.


Reviews of this mixed anabolic steroid are worth noting. Some athletes, without delving into its properties, taking solo course of the drug, in anticipation of the grand growth of muscle mass. Naturally, this does not occur, and therefore the consumer remains dissatisfied. Still others athletes learn useful information, only receive it during drying, or a combination thereof. But the most important thing to note - none of the athletes did not express complaints of side effects or intolerance to the drug. Therefore, it is advisable to use it, the main thing to choose the right course.