What is Methenolone? Buy it online or seek for an alternative?

Methenolone is an active substance of such anabolic steroids as Alphabolin, Primobolan and some other ones. Injectable Methenolone is generally more effective than its oral form. Bodybuilders all over the world and in Europe prefer this substance in steroid courses to have a great body. Usually when they need Methenolone, order it online to save their time and get a direct, quick and secure shipping and start their course.

Properties of Methenolone

The properties of Methenolone include the increasing of the red blood cells production and the protein synthesis and the inhibiting of glucocorticoid hormones. This hormone has an ability to increase the nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue (the result is the gaining of the muscle mass) and the ability to enhance the immune system. It also has high androgen action, which helps in losing of the fat mass.

What is also Methenolone famous for?

The promoting of the protein building, the fat destruction and the support for the immune system make this steroid excellent for a fat burning cycle. Methenolone also protects the lean (muscle) tissue from the destruction during the course. If it is chosen for mass gaining course, the accumulated mass will be only muscles and no fat at all which makes it popular among many sportsmen. Women are more sensitive to this substance and use it successfully as well. Methenolone is a great choice for the strength increasing and the muscular recovery.

Side effects of Methenolone

If you are planning to buy Methenolone, you should be well aware of the possible side effects this drug may cause. This is a relatively safe anabolic steroid. It does not aromatize and has no progestin nature, so the estrogenic effects are absent. It is also not hepatotoxic, so the liver will not suffer from it (has no toxic influence on the liver). Methenolone may have androgenic side effects and women may have virilization. It is recommended for women to stop taking the drug after signs appeared. Methenolone can also increase the level of bad cholesterol. During the course you should follow the diet and check your cholesterol level. This drug mildly suppresses the natural testosterone production, but men still should add the testosterone to the therapy.

So where do I buy Methenolone?

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