Mastebolin 10 ml - 1 vial per carton

Mastebolin 10 ml - 1 vial per carton

Mastebolin 10 ml by Alpha-Pharma

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma

Price: 75 EUR

Mastebolin 10 ml - 1 vial per carton

Mastebolin, like Boldenone is popular in America and in Europe. Mastebolin soft steroid and is used in a variety of sports, not just in bodybuilding. Swimming, arts, athletics, baseball, hockey, and other sports where the essential strength, speed and stamina without a serious increase in weight of the athlete.


Mastebolin - the substance drostanolone propionate. Mastebolin is a drug with a high impact and moderate androgenic anabolic. It`s derivative of dihydrotestosterone in the body, it does not turn into a strong estrogen - estradiol. In addition, it does not aromatize. The drug it also has anti-estrogenic effects. Mastebolin similar to testosterone by the action of an athlete, but it is weaker and safer testosterone. That why more athlets prefer to buy in online.


Since Mastebolin not flavored, the main applications for bodybuilding is a preparation for performances. During this period, when the athlete is on a low calorie diet, and uses a variety of fat burners, Mastebolin used to prevent the destruction of muscle mass, endurance, supports training intensity. Because of the drug muscles of athletes are looking pretty solid, and filled with as much as possible cut. Of course for maximum results on the performances of the 1-st only Mastebolin is not enough and during drying it is combined with Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Testosterone Propionate.


Mastebolin used for gaining lean muscle. To effectively set its muscle mass combined with Methandrostenolone, Turinabol, Testosterone Propionate. With the right combination of diet data to help an athlete gain quality muscle mass. If you use Mastebolin solo, the marked increase in muscle mass, you will not notice, but the figures will increase in power is palpable. Athletes who have problems with joints and ligaments using Stanozolol, successfully replace it's Mastebolin.


Mastebolin efficacy and safety of the appropriate athletes of different levels of any speed-power sports and it have more side effects, than testosterone does. As for the fakes, you can not worry about buying on our site, as we sell Masteron only proven manufacturers complaints and the action of these drugs is not.