Mast mix 200

Mast mix 200

Mast mix 200 - Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)

Manufacturer: Spectrum-Pharm

Price: 68 EUR

Mast mix 200

Mast mix 200 - a very powerful anabolic drug, as well as one of the most effective in bodybuilding and other power sports. Masteron propionate - is the trade name of three esters of masteron active ingredient.


The result of receiving friction

It stimulates the secretion of growth hormone (GH);

rapid growth of high-quality dry weight (10 kg for 8 weeks);

tall power performance;

a significant increase in relief;

200% increased levels of insulin-like growth factor;

a good fat-burning effect;

reduction and control of cortisol levels in the blood.


Right Dosages Mast mix

Steroid produced in the vial, a very favorable economic point of view: with a volume of 10 ml at a concentration of active substance of 200 mg / ml. For those who first began receiving friction recommended weekly dosage would be 200-250 mg. Athletes with experience can safely use higher dosages, which reach 350-400 mg, and even before half of the gramm per one week. Injections of the drug needs to be done only 1-2 times per week to maintain a stable concentration of the hormone in the blood.


Masteron side effects on the kidneys - it is a myth that arose due to the fact of that the color of urine during the course turns red because of the output from the body metabolites. Therefore, some athletes mistakenly linked this process with renal impairment.


Mast mix 200: Course and reviews

The product has proven itself in the course solo, ie without the involvement of other steroids. However, popular among professionals is a combined rate that includes friction Stanozolol. Anabolic steroids, working in conjunction, produce a synergistic effect, complementing and reinforcing each other's action. For example, the friction has progestational activity, and Stanozolol, in turn - antiprolaktinovoy substantially mitigating side effects that may be caused by the first drug.


When the cycle time is more than a month, it is recommended to connect the second week of human chorionic gonadotropin in order to stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone, as well as prevent atrophy of the testes. The dosage of drostanolone should be 500-1000 units once a week. It is strictly forbidden the use of Clenbuterol and tamoxifen together with the Mast mix, as there is a risk of occurrence of side effects of progestin. At the same time, the drug is not aromatized, whereby no estrogenic adverse reactions when using this anabolic steroid.


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