Letrozol (Letrozole)

Letrozol (Letrozole)

Letrozol (Letrozole)

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Letrozol (Letrozole)

The drug has the same name and international name refers to an antitumor agent. The drug is available in the form of tablets coated in the form of film, as well as tablets porytyh shell. Mode of action based on the properties of the selective non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor - which is an inhibitor of estrogen synthesis. In use, it is antiestrogenic action. The process of reducing aromatase activity occurring due to competitive binding prostetichekoy part tsitohoroma P450. In postmenopausal estrogen produced by the enzyme aromatase transforms androgens, which are synthesized in the adrenal glands, moving into estradiol and estrone. Daily use of the drug leads to a marked reduction in the concentration of estrone, estradiol and estrone sulfate. The percentage reduction of the concentration can reach 95% of the initial figure. During exposure of letrozole in patients observed reduction in the concentration of circulating estrogens, and inhibition of synthesis in breast tumor tissues. Feedback (online reviewes) - tumor regression and reduction of relapse and mortality.


Indications for use Letrozole on course

Guide describes the basic indications and contraindications, for which the application is assigned to the drug, however, the choice of doses and the determination of treatment should only be carried out by the attending specialist. Letrozole has received the best reviews when it is used in the treatment of advanced hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal period. Also recommended for use in the early stages of breast cancer in postmenopausal women and can be used as adyuvntnoy therapy in Europe.


Contraindications for use

If any of the following contraindications, possible manifestation of side effects:



lactation and increased sensitivity


Why should i buy Letrozole?

Since the wrong destination or receiving the drug can cause serious side effects, drug use during treatment should be done only under the supervision of the attending specialist who already knows the medical history of the patient and may provide for his body's reaction to the components of the drug.

Letrozolo Side effects

A side effect may be:










peripheral edema


Additional Information

Avoid the appearance of side effects and achieve maximum efficiency in the treatment of drug, you must adhere strictly to the dosage and course of treatment prescribed by the attending specialist. To buy Letrozole, you can go to the independent filling the order form or contact us at the telephone number listed on the site. An operator will answer all your questions. Our company is able to guarantee that the proposed drug, the price is lower than the pharmacy, always has high quality, since all deliveries performed only from manufacturers, has already established itself worldwide.